Storage as a Service for CSP/CB

Access to information from everywhere and from every device is the main concern of nowadays enterprises and end users. The Cloud Automation Platform is enabled to provide storage services and instances for any kind of needs : Hosted Desktop, Media Gallery, Contact and Calendar, Mobile access.

Key Features

Instant Deployment

Thanks to the Cloud Automation Platform, the deployment of Storage Services is instant and fully operational with admin and users access/roles.

User Friendly

The User friendly interface (Desktop GUI) is similar to your work station. The user will not be .. and can browse into its Storage as a Service easily.

Automated update

All the delivered STaaS instance are automatically updated at the same time. The updates are made to avoid bugs, security fails, new apps features.

Offline Mode

The STaaS service is available even without Internet connection via a client provided with all STaaS solution.

Big Data
Access to Apps Store

STaaS service is provided with its own Apps Store and its own applications catalog compatible and 100% operational.

Best Features

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    Best End-user Experience is the main concern of Axelaris's STorage as a Service Platform by providing an all in one interface.
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    Mobility : Access your STaaS solution from everywhere and via any device
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    Management simplicity.
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    Better value.