Marketing & Promotion

Axelaris tools for marketing and promotion strategy solution is perfect for growing any business. With a billing system, it is easy to define and manage numerous promotional offers in a simple console interface so that the customer doesn’t spend time customizing his billing to sync with his marketing needs.

Key Features

Clearance Price Management

The great way to manage excess inventory and drive revenue.

Sales Messages

The ability to display marketing messages to advertise for related products.

Customer/ Reseller Level categories

The ability to offer alternative pricing for particular customers/resellers.

Flexible Pricing

The ability to indicate customers within a price group should receive items at cost or at a discount from the default price.

Big Data
Product discounts

The ability to define the type of discount according to several separate indicators

Best Features

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    Cross-sell or up-sell products
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    Customer’s update about upcoming activities.
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    Customer stickiness enhancement