Infrastructure Management

Axelaris Suite ensures the full management of the whole infrastructure through a user friendly interface, CloudStack. It allows users to define templates, manage hosts (zone, pods, clusters, ...), manage architecture's component, ...

Key Features

Hypervisor Agnostic

CloudStack provides you with the flexibility to allow you to integrate with the major hypervisors in the market.

Rich Template and ISO Management

Both users and administrators will be able to upload and manage their OS templates and ISO images from within the cloud

Easy Template Creation Process

The CloudStack User Interface allows you to easily create pre-defined templates for efficient virtual machine deployments.

Rich Management User Interface

CloudStack provides a feature-rich out-of-the-box user interface implemented on top of the CloudStack API to manage the cloud infrastructure.

Best Features

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    Great flexibility in the Hypervisor choices.
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    Greater scalability.
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    Save energy.
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    Enhance Reliability, Security and Protection.
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    Improve Functionality.
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    Increase Performance.