Hosted Project management

Axelaris cloud hosted project manager solution satisfies the need for a robust, integrated project management system in the sense that it identifies, locates, and deploys a company’s most important resources and assets for a profitable business performance. It integrates all of your key data into a single, powerful database; delivering real-time information anywhere it is necessary. In terms of impact on profitability, Axelaris cloud hosted project manager can improve customer and employee satisfaction, maximize resource utilization, and increases the company’s competitive advantage.

Key Features

Compliance with laws and regulations

A list of resource profiles including competencies, resumes, education, and qualifications in order to make the right decision about a project realization.

PM Dashboard

A tailored summary of all activities for a structured workflow.

Shared Schedules and Availability

User-defined work patterns, confirmed assignments, and provisional assignments for a perfect resource deployment.

Complete project information

Listing of project’s information such as name, description, status, priority, and % completed.

Big Data
Concise Requirements Definition

Project resource requirements defined and filled through a self- service interface that provides access to real-time, shared resource information.

Self-Service Staffing Functions Grouped by Role

A self-service user interface that provides support for all the key roles involved in the staffing process.

Best Features

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    Managed resource demand and supply.
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    Efficiently managed human and intellectual capital.
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    A better use of resources.
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    Streamlined global operations.
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    Reduced delivery.
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    Gained control.