Hosted PBX

Axelaris VoIP solution cements means for an inexpensive system in localized and overseas calling. It allows users to set up lines and extensions in multiple office locations or on mobile and home phones, no matter how geographically spread out they are. Axelaris Hosted PBX today uses powerful software that runs smoothly and efficiently without the need for a computer professional to maintain or manage.

Key Features

Low Costly Service

thanks to its use of Voice over Internet Protocol, Axelaris Hosted PBX allows customers to perform traditionally costly activities like making long distance calls at dramatically low expenses.

Online voicemail retrieval

customer can choose to forward calls to his voicemail or mobile device, making sure that he receives his r most important messages when out of office.

Call routing

user can configure calls routing from office line to mobile phones, other office phones, home phones and even fax machines.

Top Level Auto Attendant

Allows callers to select from menu options using a standard telephone keypad.

Big Data
Easy system maintenance

Cloud PBX assures maintenance and troubleshooting processes through few clicks.

Incoming Caller ID Routing

Route calls from a unique DID or phone number to any auto attendant, extension, group, phone number…

Best Features

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    Professional Image.
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    Features Rich system.
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    Quick Setup.
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    Ease of Use.
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    Local Presence.