Hosted GED

Axelaris Cloud Hosted GED is a management system of an enterprise's full life cycle of electronic documents (text, graphics, audio, ...). The system offers several advantages both organizationally and in terms of profit, as time research and dissemination of information become a matter of some minutes thanks to the centralization of data, which is a key way to guarantee work efficiency and commercial effectiveness.

Key Features

Compliance with laws and regulations

Reducing legal or regulatory financial resources, risks that may be caused if the information is lost, damaged or misused.

Workflow feature

Axelaris GED allows business users to easily configure simple or multi-step tasks in a way that enterprise content flows through a structured business processes.

Secure access

Improved information security through access control system.

Document Life Cycles

Axelaris GED allows user to establish stages and tasks to suit both simple and complex life cycle requirements.

Analytical Dashboards

Personal dashboards provide users with an overview of the actions, workflows and documents that are central to their current work.

Big Data
Content Annotations

The content annotation feature allows you to add notes directly to an office document or multimedia file, without modifying the original document content.

Best Features

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    Cost reduction .
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    Content Dematerialization.
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    Quick access to information.
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    Customer and Staff satisfaction.