Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Imagine an access to your work station everywhere and via all devices (Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone,...) and access all your information and files just with using an internet connection. The VDI Suite provided by AXELARIS is made with the best and latest desktop virtualization technologies. Increase mobility and improve collaboration by delivering secure, manageable and robust end-user computing across all devices.

Key Features

Desktop Virtualization

By using Horizon of VMware or XenDesktop of Citrix, you could access the latest desktop virtualization technology with an infinite flexibility and stability

Streamline and automate operations

IT offers a single interface for providing employees access to desktops, files and applications.

Automated Backup

User can manage the complete customer acquisition lifecycle from campaign to lead to opportunity.

Supply direct, immediate access

Applications and data are consolidated into a single workspace, securely delivered to end users on any device.

Big Data
Windows and Linux Compatibility

Thanks to Cloud Flexibility, IT is able to activate Linux and Windows desktop in few clicks.

Best Features

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    Enable mobile work styles to increase workforce productivity and drive innovation throughout the business.
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    Securely mobilize apps so they are touch-enabled and fast over mobile networks .
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    Reduce computing costs with cloud-style centralized delivery, management and security.
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    Liberate your staff from disruptive manual administration tools with centralized and automated desktop services management across the LAN and WAN.