Axelaris offers a customer-centric solution as the end user can design, configure, and deploy his own interactive BI dashboard in minutes. He only has to drag and drop his reports and charts onto the web-based dashboard designer. URL-addressable content can even be “mashed up”, such as maps, videos, and content from other business applications for an even richer BI experience! Axelaris dashboard solution allows rapid dashboard development, lets users make data driven decisions faster than ever before, and features captivating graphics. Hence, Axelaris delivers a product that is easy to install, without programming or coding, and easy to maintain without a strain on resources. Business users enjoy the benefits of visually powerful dashboards that transform data in a way that breaks away from the status quo and into decision-making based on real-time information.

Key Features

Drag and Drop

The dynamic drag-and-drop UI improves efficiency and increases data access.

User-level Customization of Dashboards

Super users can build their own ad hoc query and reports.

HTML Panel

The HTML is dynamically generated when the dashboard is loaded.

Connectivity to Google Analytics and Salesforce.com

Our Dashboards lets you easily see top level metrics.

Big Data
Hundreds of Chart Types and Maps

Our solution comes complete with highly-customizable visualizations

Clustered ressource
Self-service BI

Take advantage of self-service BI & explore content without help from IT.

Best Features

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    Improve performed analysis thank to visualization abilities.
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    Increase their efficiency and productivity thank to automation.
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    Save time due to reduced number of reports required
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    Grow their interest