Cloud Service Bridge

With the focus on converged clouds, it is important for enterprise IT organizations to connect to the growing array of public cloud services in the simplest way possible—without sacrificing security. At the same time, in order to gain the benefits of a converged cloud, there must be some transparency between public and private clouds. Axelaris Systems & Services Integration Suite enables the enterprise to build converged cloud solutions by connecting their data centers to external clouds using our Cloud Service Bridge.

Key Features

User Provisioning Engine

Instantly add and remove users .

Identity Synchronization

Real-time, automated user account synchronization between enterprise and cloud services.

Federated Single Sign-On

Standards-based authentication.

Big Data
Stand-alone Bridge

Stand-alone appliance that integrates with any infrastructure.

Open Platform

Cloud Service Bridge SPE provides unparalleled flexibility and simple APIs.

Flexible Architecture

customize Cloud Service Bridge to support any enterprise identity source or target cloud app.

Best Features

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    Increase SaaS / mobile service adoption
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    Provide audit trail of user activity across enterprise.
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    Improve SaaS service utilization.
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    Reduce operational expenses associated.
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    Implement appliance model.