Cloud Automation Platform

Enable your Cloud Platform

Cloud Automation Platform is empowered to provide end to end cloud solutions such as Virtual Machines, VDI, Storage as a Service Solutions, The Cloud Automation plateform is also provided with business intelligence solutions to improve your quality of service and self-service solutions with end-users support.

Key Features

Build Strong Cloud Infrastructure

Deliver cloud services with maximum efficiency and scalability.

Growth in a Secure Environment

Favor to solid security processes, you will benefit with the best cloud security

Host Apps

All your Windows & Linux Apps provided in the Cloud with sel-service apps store.

File and Database Readers
Guarantee Improvement Axes

Business Intelligence System is here to improve your services with analytics and dashboards solutions.

Stand-alone Bridge
Provide Mobility Services

Provide Mobility services to guarantee a full access from any device.


The platform provides the following integrated workflow functions:

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