Business Intelligence Platform

Axelaris suite provides a complete BI platform for reporting and analysis, with shared services including metadata and content repository, report management, security integration, interactivity, and scheduling. Axealris BI platform helps people make faster decisions by bringing them timely and actionable data inside their apps and business processes. Our product delivers comprehensive self-service capabilities and a flexible embeddable architecture, with an affordable subscription model. L’architecture de notre produit est légère et compatible à 100 % avec les normes du Web, de l’arrière-plan Java à l’interface JavaScript/HTML5. Conçue pour le cloud, elle assure une mutualisation complète, y compris la possibilité d’utiliser des modèles CSS pour personnaliser l’interface de chaque détenteur d’accès. The architecture of our product is simple and 100% compatible with web standards, Java background to JavaScript/HTML5 interface. Designed for the cloud, it provides a complete sharing, including the ability to use CSS styles to customize the interface for each access holder. With more than six hundreds cloud metrics, one hundred cloud Notifications & alerts, two hundred events for the best cloud infrastructure, and unique partnerships with leading global providers of cloud solutions and with cloud specialists, we offer the most reliable platform for cloud analysis the most reliable in the industry.

Business Intelligence Platform Package

Standard Edition
Entreprise Edition
Professional Edition

The platform provides the following integrated workflow functions:

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