Billing & Invoicing

Invoicing is the process of gathering (aggregating) and adding up all of the billing records associated with a specific account during a billing cycle in a bill pool, applying recurring charges (e.g. monthly charges) and totaling all the charges. The process of grouping service or product usage information for specific accounts or customers, producing and sending invoices, and recording (posting) payments made to customer accounts.

Key Features

Automated Invoicing

Automated complex recurring, time and project-based billing.

Self-service Billing

customers can manage their own billing plans and payment options online.

Increased billing accuracy

integration of all processes, from quote to order to bill.

Efficient billing

Errors risk eliminated with centralized customer records that are shared across the business

Big Data
Accelerated Invoicing Process and Time to Cash

Payment acceptance programs with convenience fee options for both credit /debit card and electronic check payments.

Best Features

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    Reduction in costs associated with the production
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    Access to a built in customer invoicing and payment repository.
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    Enhanced cash flow from quicker payments made electronically