Axelaris provides an analytics solution that allows end users can directly connect and analyze data across multiple dimensions and measures from structured or unstructured Data sources. The push down query processing architecture combined with an In-Memory Analysis engine delivers exceptional performance for any data source without requir¬ing an OLAP server or data mart/data warehouse. The intuitive Analysis UI lets non-technical users drag & drop, pivot, slice, drill, or chart their relational or NoSQL data with speed and simplicity..

Key Features

Real-Time Query & Loading

Capture the time value of data by continuously loading information.

Columnar Storage & Execution

Perform queries 50x-1000x faster by eliminating costly disk I/O.

Advanced In-Database Analytics

Ever growing library of features and functions to explore and process more data.

Automatic High Availability

Runs non-stop with automatic redundancy, failover and recovery optimized.

Big Data
Database Designer & Administration Tools

Powerful setup, tuning and control with minimal administration effort.

Optimizer, Execution Engine & Workload Management

Get maximum performance without worrying about the details of how it gets done.

Best Features

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    Help streamline operations.
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    Deliver superior supply chain visibility.
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    Improve data security .
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    Help to develop and deliver better forecasting.